Discover new revenue streams

We help companies transform their businesses by identifying new revenue streams and bringing great ideas to life - delivering new business opportunities and business concepts. We tackle the biggest challenge of all - creating growth that extends beyond the company's core business.

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Take a profitable position
New business models are rapidly changing the game

Digital ecosystems connect companies across industries and borders, and traditional industry boundaries are gradually erased. New technology is changing the rules of the game, industries are converging and companies are building new digital business models. This fundamentally changes the products, services and markets that companies operate in.

Established actors have their own edge in innovation

We believe that established companies can leverage their position, assets, and competitive advantages to create new growth, and scale innovations at a higher rate of success than start-ups. Companies that, over time, manage to prioritize new, long-term growth opportunities are more profitable than those who do not.

A single business model is no longer enough

We believe that in order to stay relevant over time, companies must move away from operating only one business model within a defined industry, and instead seek, test and operate multiple business models within different competitive arenas. Addressing a relevant market need only gives you the right to compete. Finding profitable, scalable, and competitive business models, are what gives you the right to succeed.

Growth driven by validated insights

Our approach

Our way of working is based on a customer-centric mindset and a business-oriented approach. We develop hypotheses on new products, services and business models, based on a deep understanding of a company's unique competitive advantages and assets, combined with knowledge on trends and market development.

Our process

Our process enables us to turn abstract opportunities and business challenges into validated business models. With a small, dedicated team with all necessary expertise, we can quickly identify, detail and validate new business ideas.

This is how we do it:

Strategize: Identifying business and growth opportunities

When we identify potential areas for growth and business opportunities we always start by charting a company’s existing capabilities and competitive advantages. We then combine that with identifying the real drivers of customer demand, along with the key market trends on a macro-level, in technological development and in larger trends in consumer behavior.

  • Mapping competitive advantages and assets

  • Analyzing market drivers and trends

  • Understanding the end-user’s needs and pains

Create: Developing new business concepts

We create new business concepts, describing the business opportunity, the business idea, how to capitalize on it, and what the revenue potential is. We replicate the approach of bringing a pitch deck to a professional investor asking for initial funding.

  • Understanding the problem

  • Finding solutions and creating value propositions

  • Building business models

  • Identifying revenue and market potential

Validate: Testing business concepts

We validate business concepts through an iterative approach where prototypes are developed, tested and adjusted until we are left with an attractive value proposition, a profitable business model, and a concept we can build.

  • Testing desirability: Does the users want it?

  • Testing viability: Is it a sustainable business model?

  • Testing feasibility: Can we build it?