Take the most profitable position on the market

We help companies drive profitable baseline sales by creating alignment around a profitable position, based on the true - not stated and false - drivers of customers' choices and willingness to pay.

A position is achieved through action more than words

For a position to be profitable, it must be delivered every day by all parts of the company that affect the market: not only through communications but also through the product experience, pricing, service and all other touch-points with potential and existing customers. Therefore, NoA Consulting has developed a number of concrete tools based on clear processes and deliverables so you can quickly transform your positioning strategy from words to action.

Everyone must agree on what the position means

If the whole organization needs to move in the same direction – which a successful and profitable positioning requires – everyone needs to agree on what the position means. The position must also be easy to understand and rally behind for team members. In many companies, strategies are communicated through complicated models, charts or long lists of words. NoA Consulting’s tools for strategy and implementation are instead based on engagement and storytelling – an evidence-based means of persuasion and of effectively motivating people to act.

The position should be based on what drives sales

A position lacks commercial relevance if it does not contribute to building a volume premium or price premium on the market. Just being unique or liked has no value in itself. NoA Consulting’s analytical tools reveal the true drivers of people’s willingness to choose and pay on your specific market. This way, the position will not be based on guesses, wishful thinking or customers’ stated – but false – motives.

Our way of helping you take a profitable position


Our process for anchoring and securing broad business and organizational relevance for the positioning project - key to success.


Our data driven sales drivers analysis, revealing the true drivers of the willingness to chose and pay on the market and benchmarks of all competitors.


Our trend analysis, based on collective intelligence to provide you with a firmly validated map of the most relevant future needs on your market.


Our strategy process, identifying a profitable, business-boosting position with broad support by management and key stakeholders.


Our evidence-based tool for motivating employees throughout the organization to contribute to the profitable position in their every day work.


Our workshop format that helps the organization take positioning from words to action and achieve lasting business results.